Daily Archives: March 23, 2017


        “Not preparing is choosing to die.”  I read that somewhere, probably on the wall of a public bathroom stall. I don’t want to die.  At least not too gruesomely.  And not slow either.   Preferably in my sleep, but the chances of that are rather slim these days.   Stupid zombies.  Can’t even die properly anymore.   Sun’s out today after a week of rain, the full blast of its rays reaching out to melt my retinas through the double-glazed lounge window.  It was a beautiful and spectacular morning — well,  almost.  If the quiet wasn’t occasionally intruded by the groaning of the undead, echoing in the distance. Finn slept over last night, after a PS4 marathon of Dying Light, and was snoring away in the spare room, so I refrained from checking [Read More]