Daily Archives: April 7, 2017


        A few dozen infected Twitchers were waiting outside of Peoples Coffee in Newtown.  I don’t think they were lining up for lattes.   Curious to know what had them so enraptured, I risked a few steps closer.  Stopped in my tracks when I spied a blue sneaker. On the foot of a severed, brown leg on the ground.  Shit.  A fresh kill.   I slowly backed away to avoid detection and the blood spilling from the sidewalk.  I was about to turn right on Riddiford Street when I heard it – the sound of pursuit.  Judging from the increasing volume of feet on pavement, it was headed towards my direction. From my position at the end of Constable Street, I sighted a big black umbrella running towards me.  Limping. Sprained ankle, I thought.   Swinging wildly, dainty hands [Read More]